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Welcome to The Kallar Kahar Science College

The Kallar Kahar Science College not only provides the bes education for the students but also trains them and at the same time the hidden talents of the students are explored through extra-curricular activities.
Our target is mainly the middle class youth of the society. This is the class which Allah Almighty has endowed with all kinds of abilities. These are the young people who grow up in the realities and bitterness of life. They do not have a delicate temperament and delicate body, they can tolerate heat and cold.
The Kallar Kahar Science College has always kept in mind the fact that every student has an individuality, that is, there is an essence hidden within every student, so the entire team of the college is always formulating such curricular and co-curricular programs that awakens students' dreaming abilities.
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Holistic Education

means looking at the whole instead of a component. This educational theory is based on the fact that no human being is qualified or less qualified, just different, that is, nature has endowed him a slightly different way from others.
Keeping this ideology in mind, the curriculum and co-curricular activities in the Science College provide ample opportunities for a student to discover himself and his abilities and he is given complete guidance for the development of his abilities.