College Magazine, along with other means of igniting students' creativity, serves as a platform for students to hone their skills through their creations. Kallar Kahar Science College pays special attention to the education of the students as well as the extra-curricular activities.
That is why the need for the publication of a college magazine was acutely felt and its importance was further enhanced when the Literary Society "Anjuman Forough Adab" was founded in 2018. The society's aim was to foster a literary and creative atmosphere in the college so that novice creators could have regular refinements. The taste and dedication with which the students participated in the meetings organized by the society is commendable. A few months later, a series of poetry readings and literary gatherings started in the college. Now the question is how to preserve the words of these novice writers.
So initially the best solution was to publish a college magazine. Taus 2018 has come to fruition as the first attempt to create vibrations in the stagnant water of the lake, with the hope that success in shaping this vibration into waves is not only a possibility but also a certainty.