Need Based Scholarships:-

  • This scholarship is given to students who are entitled to Zakat.
  • The minimum of this scholarship is 30% of the total fee
  • However, this amount is increased by interviewing intelligent and needy children and it is up to the principal to finalise the amount of need based scholarship.
  • The name of the student is kept confidential which is known only to the principal and the concerned student.

Talent Scholarships:-

  • This scholarship is given to students on the basis of monthly tests performance.
  • The student who gets first position in his department is given a stipend of Rs. 14000 per month. In addition, the students of the department who get 70% or more marks get a stipend of Rs. 4200 which is given to the top 20% students of each class.
  • This scholarship is revised after each monthly test so that the students continue to increase their efforts and perform well.
  • All the scholarship schemes combined, Kallar Kahar Science College is giving scholarships worth Rs. 1.5 crore annually.